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Organizational change is  no longer a discrete time or initiative-bound occurrence.  Many leaders now find themselves trying to lead in constantly changing and ambiguous environments.  This creates three new challenges for leaders:

  • Providing vision, direction, and answers for their teams when not all decisions have been fully made
  • Having to manage and alleviate anxieties regarding changes without knowing the specific details of those changes
  • Maintaining current levels of performance and service while simultaneously moving to entirely new models of performance and service

The challenge that many leaders face is knowing what to say and when to say it.  Providing too little information can increase anxiety and create an illusion of a lack of direction or strategy.  Providing too much information can create confusion as detailed decisions may change as strategies get implemented.

As with any type of communication, quality is much more important than quantity. Leading through transformation will require that leaders become more comfortable and skilled at communicating to their employees before every detail has been worked out.

This four to eight hour working session helps leaders and their teams work through ambiguous situations.  This session is intended for in-tact work groups.  The session provides a facilitated discussion between the leader and his or her team.


After completing this working session, leaders will be able to increase workforce engagement while reducing anxiety and frustration by:

  • Providing a simple, clear, and concise story about the current and future state of the business
  • Explaining new goals, expectations, tools, and processes
  • Clarifying the questions that the organization is facing and its approach to answering those questions

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a Leading During Times of Ambiguity Working Session.

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