Strategic planning and prioritization


The power of focus is amazing. Focus and concentrate light and get a laser that can cut through steel. Focus your body and movement and you can break a board with your hand. The same holds true for your business.  A well-focused strategy creates more power and impact for your organization.

The problem is that most leaders aren’t clear on what their strategy should accomplish.  As a result, they run into three common problems: 1) defining strategies that try to answer every possible question and action (and never get completed), 2) strategies that answer too few questions and provide little insight into decision-making and action, 3) confusing their strategy and their plan creating a tactical “to-do” list which reduces empowerment, innovation, and adaptability.

A good strategy sets the context in which an organization should operate by:

    • Setting boundaries
    • Creating focus
    • Enabling prioritization

The strategy does this by answering three questions:

What are we? – Every organization or department has a unique purpose. Surprisingly the members of those organizations aren’t always aligned in their understanding of that purpose or the scope of the organization’s responsibilities and goals. As a result, people often are working at cross-purposes.

Who are we? – Getting results is no longer enough. The organizations that stand out also understand “how” they get things done. In other words, they have a clear, consistent, and distinctive culture.

What do we do? – Most people understand the daily tasks for which they are assigned. Yet, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture when stuck in the details. “What we do” is not about activities. It is about the business levers whose performance fall under the control of your organization or department.

Contact us today if you need to develop a strategic focus that will drive decision making and action while empowering and engaging your team.

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