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Avail can help you create focus around the scope and intended outcomes of your organization or department. We will shift your thinking from defining yourself based on the generic activities and processes that your organization executes to honing in on your organization’s unique and specific contribution to results. We work with leaders at any level in the organization who are looking to better drive results.

Defining organizational scope – We will help you answer the questions, “What you are (your purpose as an organization”, “Who you are” (your culture)”, and “What you do (the value that you provide)”.  The answers to these questions provide a clear and tangible set of boundaries that both focuses and empowers your people to deliver.

Developing and communicating cultural (behavioral) expectations – It’s not  enough for your people to know their goals. They also need to understand how you expect them to act in service of those goals.  Your culture makes you stand out.  We will help ensure that your people understand that culture and are able to deliver it.

Defining your organization’s value tree – We will help you create clear line of sight between your organizational purpose, the four to five outcomes that your organization must get right to achieve that purpose, the performance/metrics needed to determine success.

Creating your strategic plan – Avail can help you develop an outcome-based strategic plan that creates a map of the key activities, key results, and interim milestones that you need to achieve.

Culture of Results Assessment – Is your organization results-focused or activity-focused? Let us help you find out. We’ll assess your culture to help you understand how results are framed and used in discussions, whether individual accountability is explicit or implicit, and whether there is clear line of sight between activity and results.


Contact us today if you need to develop a strategic focus that will drive decision making and action while empowering and engaging your team.

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