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Do you have a few people who might benefit from one of our workshops but not enough to run one for your company?  If so, consider hosting a general enrollment workshop.  Hosts can earn free workshop admissions for their people.  Hosting is simple and is a great networking and outreach opportunity.

How it works

Hosting is simple.  As a host, you commit to:

Providing (and paying for if needed) the training venue and equipment (our equipment needs are simple – projector, screen, and flip charts)

Duplicating the participant guide and handouts (stapled copies are fine)

Recruiting and marketing to business partners, clients, and others in your network who can benefit from the workshop

What’s in it for you

As a host, you’ll earn free workshop admissions.  You’ll earn one free slot just for hosting.  Then, for every five paid participants you’ll earn another slot (free slots are only awarded up to the workshop cap).  For most of our workshops, you can earn up to 5 free workshop slots. You can give your free slots to anyone that you choose.  You can use them to support the professional development needs of your people, give them to a business partner or client as a perk, or donate them to a professional from a non-profit organization who may not have the funding to attend otherwise.  It’s entirely up to you; after all, they are your slots!

How do I get started?

To get started, select the workshop that you’d like to host.  Then, contact us.  Once we decide upon a date and you secure the venue (it could be on-site or off-site), we can start advertising the workshop.  We require a minimum of 15 paid participants to run a general enrollment workshop.

Contact us today!

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