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The following table provides a quick guide to our workshops.  For more information about the related consulting services that we provide, please visit our Services page.


Critical Thinking for Leaders Enables leaders to make higher quality decisions by more effectively and efficiently synthesizing information, analysis, and experience.

Like many similar workshops, we provide tools and techniques to improve critical thinking.

However, our workshop is unique in that it also addresses the disposition needed to recognize when your thinking may be impaired and the tools for overcoming those obstacles.

Leading During Times of Change and Ambiguity Helps leaders and their teams work through ambiguous situations.  This session is offered in two formats:

1) In-tact work groups.  The session provides a facilitated discussion between the leader and his or her team to increase clarity.

2) General audience.  This session provides the basic process, tools, and techniques and leaders apply them to their current situation.

Managing Performance Helps leaders make the shift from thinking about performance management as formal HR processes and forms to understanding that managing performance is the day-to-day responsibility of identifying and removing the barriers that prevent people from succeeding.
Rethinking Change Shifts leaders’ actions from focusing on the success of the change project to focusing on the success of the people being changed.

Many leaders are surprised to learn that many of their actions, while intended to be people-focused, are really still centered on the project or organization.

Rethinking Data Introduces leaders to a new way of looking at data and information. This workshop is not a numbers crunching course.

Rethinking Data takes the next step addressing the common pitfalls that leaders (and others) fall into when trying to become more data driven such as shifting to a total reliance on numbers and facts without bringing additional context, interpretation, or judgment to them.

Rethinking Results Provides leaders with the skills to develop their own goals and then break them down into smaller, more focused goals for their teams and direct reports.

Most importantly, the workshop helps leaders shift from an activity-based mindset to an outcome-based mindset in their development, tracking, managing, and communicating progress against goals.  This allows leaders to identify and correct problems earlier to truly impact business results.

Finally, the workshop helps leaders tie decision-making and accountability to outcomes which accelerates results.

Survive then Thrive Introduces leaders to a new way to think about managing change.

Survive then Thrive focuses on managing threats and responding to people’s freeze, flight, or fight responses to uncertainty.

The discussion provides a simple of model of five key threats that inhibit people’s ability to change. It also provides tips on how to determine where someone is in the freeze, flight, or fight response and how to resolve it.


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