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Critical Thinking for Leaders enables participants to make higher quality decisions by more effectively and efficiently synthesizing information, analysis, and experience.  Like many similar workshops, we provide tools and techniques to improve critical thinking.  However, our workshop is unique in that it also addresses the disposition needed to recognize when your thinking may be impaired and the tools for overcoming those obstacles.

Workshop outcomes

After completing this course, leaders will be more effective at:

Ability: Drawing better conclusions and making higher quality decisions by:

    • Challenging assumptions and biases (their own and others’)
    • Framing issues from multiple and/or opposing perspectives and focal points
    • Actively seeking alternatives
    • Verifying/validating the source of information and data
    • Validating the accuracy and reliability of information
    • Shifting from advocacy to inquiry
    • Validating and challenging the connections and conclusions that they make

Disposition: Minimizing both the effects of bias and the introduction of thinking errors by:

    • Proactively monitoring and evaluating their thought process while they are solving problems
    • Anticipating the types of situations/triggers/events that diminish critical thinking in others and in themselves (note: in the case of themselves, understanding where their critical thinking weaknesses lie and the specific situations in which they tend to stray from it).
    • Recognizing and responding to behaviors, language, and actions the signal a decline in critical thinking
    • Recognizing language the indicates strong bias or strong sense of certainty
    • Recognizing when emotional thinking is overcoming critical thinking

This workshop is offered in a one or two day format. It combines fun and engaging examples of common thinking errors with critical thinking work on real problems that your business is facing. The one day format focuses primarily on the “Ability” related outcomes. Brad can also provide high level keynotes on this topic.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a Critical Thinking workshop.

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