Communication.  It’s the last mile between what you do and the results you achieve.  It doesn’t matter how good your analyses, strategies, plans, or ideas are.  If you can’t communicate them simply and clearly, they won’t have the impact you want.

The key to good communication is simplicity.  Simple messages.  Simple stories.  Simple examples.  And simple presentations.

But don’t be confused. Simple communication isn’t the same as simple ideas.  In fact, the greatest success comes to those who communicate complex ideas in a simple manner.

At Avail, we base our work on The Five Second Rule.  Your audience must get your point in five seconds or less.  If they do not, you might lose your chance. They might miss it.  They might give up on trying to get it. They might morph it into something else. 

Take a look at your presentations. Can your audience understand the point of each slide within five seconds?  If it’s full of charts and graphs, they probably can’t.

Take a look at your emails or documents.  Do people have to re-read each sentence to understand what it’s saying?  Does it flow simply and clearly from start to finish?  Or, do people have to read through it a few times to understand it?

Take a listen to what you say.  Do you tend to run out of breath?  Do other people ask you to repeat your statements?  

We can help you turn complex ideas into simple, clear messages.

Separating the “What” from the “How”

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