You’ve probably been asked to be more “data-driven.”

But what does that mean? Where do you start? 

The value of data is not in the charts, tables, graphs, or models. Unfortunately, that’s where most conversations seem to focus.

The value of data comes from making decisions and acting. 

“Data-driven” does not mean that you spend your time talking about data. It means that whatever you do talk about is supported by facts.

Focusing too much on the data can hurt decision-making.  It slows it down.  It often triggers more bias than it resolves.

Our conscious brains get overwhelmed quickly with data and information. 

Simplicity is the key. 

We can help you turn data and analysis into simple recommendations and actions. The more you focus on decisions and actions, the more likely you are to make them.

Data-driven organizations focus on numbers and analysis.  Decision-driven organizations focus on getting things done.

Our Rethinking Data/Decision-Driven workshop series can help you make the shift.  We’ve worked with companies and leaders from around the world.  We help them close the gap between analysis and action.

Creating Value From Information

The value of data is not charts, tables, and graphs. Those are important. However, they are just an input.

The value of data come from making decisions and taking action. That requires more than just data. It requires interpretation, judgement, and experience.

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