Be true to yourself!

According to LinkedIn, I am celebrating the 11th anniversary of starting Kolar Associates/Avail Advisors. I know this because I am suddenly getting “congratulations on your work anniversary” messages from people who never talk to me the rest of the year! However, it’s nice to be reminded as time has a way of sneaking up on… (read more)

How to make a recommendation in six slides!

In my last post, I talked about using the “What, Why, But, And” approach for telling your story simply and effectively. However, sometimes you are doing more than telling a story. Sometimes you are making a recommendation. Just as people often over-explain their story, sometimes we over-explain the recommendation as well. Your goal should be… (read more)

Don’t let your vision get hijacked!

Here’s a challenge. You have to get your organization to work in new ways but your workforce is well versed and even committed to the old ways. Sound familiar? Many leaders are finding themselves in this position. They have a vision but can’t seem to get it executed. Certainly, sometimes the issue is the leader…. (read more)