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Workshop Description

Why do big changes fail?  That question has been answered over and over.  Yet, we are still asking it.  Many change models focus on the enablement part of change – give people a good reason, the right rewards, and the necessary information, tools and support and they’ll change.  These models assume a rational decision maker going through the change process.  However, humans are often irrational.

Our brains are programmed to survive and then to thrive. Rational models of enablement miss the first part of the equation.  Before people care about the reasons, tools, and rewards, they need to know the will “survive”.

Survival isn’t just about losing a job.  Survival could be emotional, social, or financial.  In this discussion we’ll address five key threats that must be neutralized before someone is ready to change.  In addition, we will talk about the freeze, flight, or fight reactions that all animals have to threats.  Understanding how these reactions show up in a work environment will help you better gauge each person’s “threat level” so you can respond accordingly.

The one hour Survive then Thrive discussion can be delivered as a keynote or webinar.


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