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Workshop Description

Effective execution is a critical component of driving organizational success.  Organizations expend considerable time, money, and resources on goal setting processes.  Yet regardless of the level of compliance with the process or even the achievement of goals, many organizations do not seem to realize the value or benefit they anticipated.

There are four reasons that organizations fail to get much value from their goals:

  • Goals are written from an ‘activity’ perspective rewarding employees for effort over results.
  • Metrics are too far removed from an individual’s direct control rendering the metric ineffective as a tool for measuring success or failure.
  • Accountability and decision rights overlap or are unclear.
  • Goal tracking is used to measure historic progress rather than to drive future action.

Rethinking Results is an eight hour workshop providing leaders with the skills to develop their own goals and then break them down into smaller, more focused goals for their teams and direct reports.  Most importantly, the workshop helps leaders shift from an activity-based mindset to an outcome-based mindset in their development, tracking, managing, and communicating progress against goals.  This allows leaders to identify and correct problems earlier to truly impact business results.  Finally, the workshop helps leaders tie decision-making and accountability to outcomes which accelerates results.

Workshop outcomes:

Improve the delivery of business results by

  • Establishing outcome-based goals that positively impact the organization’s success
  • Identifying simple, clear metrics that directly represent progress toward a goal
  • Determining the unique goals and contributions that direct reports and team need to make to support broader organizational goals
  • Establish and track outcome-based milestones and status


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