Rethinking Data Basic Workshops

It was one of the most useful trainings I have participated in recently. I will be able to use learnings immediately, I am sure with the affect of better productivity, simplification and improved decision making – something we lack recently.

You’ve probably been asked to be more “data-driven”.  But where do you start?  Having more data doesn’t necessarily make you a better decision-maker.  In fact, excess data may be slowing you down. You don’t need more data; you need the right data.

This workshop provides an overview of how to shift from being data-driven to being decision-driven.

Data-driven organizations focus on numbers.  Decision-driven organizations are able to quickly transform data into actions that drive results.

Workshop outcomes:

Improve fact-based decision making and actions by

  • Understanding and managing the three key biases that inhibit data-driven decision making
  • Quickly defining the data needed to make a decision so that you spend more time thinking about what the data is telling you and less time searching for it
  • Turning data into actions that drive decision making
  • Creating reports that provide answers rather than numbers thus significantly decreasing the time it takes to make a decision
  • Creating simple, logical, fact-driven recommendations and presentations that speed up and drive audience decision-making

Workshop components

  • Rethinking how we think – Provides an overview of how our brains process data and information.  Introduces common thinking and decision making errors/biases and shows how traditional ways of reviewing and presenting data actually contribute to those errors.
  • Rethinking communication – Introduces the “Value through Information” model which moves leaders from simply summarizing facts and figures to telling a comprehensive data-driven story.  Focuses on building an evidence-based argument that drives decisions and actions.
  • Rethinking our approach – Focuses on honing in on the data that is relevant to making a decision.  Improves leader efficiency by providing a structured approach to exploring data.
  • Rethinking reporting – Introduces Avail Advisor’s “Decision-based reporting” approach.  Decision-based reporting organizes information around answers and decisions rather than simply providing a data dump.

Workshop options

Rethinking Data is offered in three formats:

  • Rethinking Data Instructor Led Workshop (8 hours)
  • Rethinking Data Virtual Workshop (4, 2 hour and 15 minute modules)
  • Decision-Driven (2 hour keynote for business leaders)

Contact us today to learn more or schedule a Rethinking Data workshop.

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