Five Easy Rules for Simplifying Your Communication

The other day I introduced the “Jessica Taylor Rule”.

The rule is simple. When reviewing your writing, read each sentence out loud. If you run out of breath while reading, revise it. It’s probably too long for your audience to process mentally.

That post received a lot of positive feedback.

People are looking for simple ideas on communicating more clearly.

Given the response to the “Jessica Taylor Rule”, I’ve created an infographic. It’s attached to the end of this post. The infographic highlights some other rules that I’ve developed for simplifying your communication.

And, if you are interested in learning the backstory or drilling down into any of the rules, here are links to their original articles:

Happy communicating!


Brad Kolar is an Executive Consultant, Speaker, and Author with Avail Advisors. Avail helps leaders simplify their problems, decisions, data, and communication. Contact Brad at


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