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Put the background in the back!

Before I get going on this article, I want to give you some background. Did you feel it?  Did your eyes roll?  Did your thoughts start to wander?  Did you start looking down the page to get to the “real” content? Did the word “background” trigger a negative reaction? Nothing kills engagement and decision-making as much as “background…. (read more)

Are you simply and clearly saying nothing? Avoid “poodle grooming”!

People are starting to catch on to the need to be simple. However, sometimes we confuse simple and superficial. It’s important to communicate clearly. But, it’s also important to say something meaningful. Here is a repost of an article about a problem that I call “Poodle Grooming”. ——————————————- Good communication is simple. However, it also… (read more)

The Twelve Days of Leadership Christmas

What a crazy year!  Even the PNC Twelve Days of Christmas Index didn’t escape the pandemic. This year, the cost of buying the gifts in the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is down 38% to $105, 562[1].   However, there is an important COVID-related caveat.  Due to the near shutdown of the live entertainment industry, this year’s index did… (read more)

Maintaining Attention: The next core strategic skill for your business

People’s attention spans have been steadily decreasing over time. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. Much has been written on this subject.  The response to this issue has been interesting. Instead of showing concern or alarm, we’ve accepted it. In fact, we’ve embraced it. Conventional wisdom suggests that we need to cater to this lack… (read more)

Four tips for opening your mind

Four quick tips for opening your mind…this was part of farewell email that I sent to a group of young professionals that I was mentoring. My final bit of advice to them was to have the discipline to keep an open mind. ————- When someone does or says something that you disagree with (even if… (read more)

Leading with Data – 20 Years Later

It’s been twenty years since I hastily scribbled the Value through information model on a piece of paper. At the time, I created the model simply as a coaching tool for my team.  Their presentations were heavy on information and light on analysis and interpretation. Little did I know that the model would increase so much in its… (read more)