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Leading with Data – 20 Years Later

It’s been twenty years since I hastily scribbled the Value through information model on a piece of paper. At the time, I created the model simply as a coaching tool for my team.  Their presentations were heavy on information and light on analysis and interpretation. Little did I know that the model would increase so much in its… (read more)

No, you actually don’t have to see the data. Stop looking backward.

“Engagement has consistently fallen for three years.” This statement was one of three pieces of evidence that I provided to support my recommendation that we needed a new employee engagement strategy.  I thought it was a pretty straightforward. I continued my presentation to talk about our new ideas for engagement. But, the senior executive stopped me…. (read more)

Your presentation shouldn’t do double duty as your “leave behind” document

Do you prefer busy, overfilled slides? If you’re like most people, I’m guessing you don’t. OK, now a harder question. Do you present busy, overfilled slides? If you’re like most people, I’m guessing you do. Why the disconnect? Why do so many of us do something that we don’t like for ourselves? More importantly, why do we do something… (read more)

Simple doesn’t have to be superficial

A few weeks ago, the internet went crazy over a letter that US President Trump sent to Turkish President Erdoğan. One of the criticisms of the letter had to do with its readability score. The letter was written at a third-grade reading level. This criticism reflected a common misconception. It confused simplicity and clarity with sophistication…. (read more)

Decision-making as if people mattered

“Our contract of carriage, that you agreed to when buying your ticket, allows us to remove, cancel, or change a seat assignment at any time for any reason.”  Those were the first words I heard from United’s empathy and customer-experience challenged customer service agent. I had just asked him why my son’s seat assignment “disappeared”… (read more)