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Don’t get sound-bit in the butt!

Recently I saw a Facebook post rehashing the longstanding and debunked rumor that President Obama was born in Kenya. The post showed a page from a publication listing the President’s birthplace as Kenya. Also, to lend credibility to the claim, it said that Snopes confirmed the story as true. It even provided the link to Snopes…. (read more)

Good leaders don’t chug, they sip!

A group of friends sit around a table talking, sharing stories and memories. The dark burgundy tablecloth is broken up by a scattered grouping of wine glasses and three open bottles of wine. The pastel-splattered labels show scenes of small villas surrounded by fields of flowers. Bach’s Mass in B minor is playing over the… (read more)

The 12 Days of Leadership Christmas

Back by popular demand… The 2017 PNC Christmas Price index puts the price of purchasing all of the gifts for the twelve days of Christmas at $157,558.00 (up 0.7% from last year). Holiday time can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be for good leaders. The following list contains gifts that will last a lifetime. Best of all,… (read more)

Do you really need to see the data?

“Employee engagement has been consistently falling for three years.” I thought it was a pretty straightforward statement. I continued my presentation but the senior executive stopped me. “Wait, where’s the data?” she asked. “What data?” I didn’t think I had made a particularly contentious point. “The data that shows that employee engagement has been consistently falling… (read more)