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Saying “I’m interested” is the worst way to demonstrate interest in a LinkedIn job post

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend on LinkedIn. A person posts a job and there is a flurry of comments that simply say “I’m interested” or “I’m interested. Please look at my profile”. Sometimes there will be over thirty or forty such comments. Job seeking is about selling (yourself). While Social Media has redefined some of the ways… (read more)

Stop enabling poor focus and attention

Warren Buffet recently released his annual investor letter. It was twenty-nine pages long. It was refreshing to see. In a world where we increasingly hear that we must be brief due to decreased attention spans, Buffet chose to go with substance. I believe that was an intentional choice. Buffet wants serious investors in his company. He doesn’t want people who make… (read more)

The three most important skills for using data effectively (SPOILER ALERT: None are about analytics)

Most of the talk about using Big Data and Analytics effectively seems to focus on its technical aspects.  Do you need a data warehouse or data lake?  Should you be using R and Hadoop or some other technology? It’s true that data analytics has gotten complex.  It takes considerable skill to manage large data sets… (read more)