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Insights come from context, not data

The “Beer and Diapers” story is a famous big data legend. As with many legends, the story has become more spectacular and fabricated over time. Also like many legends, the story does have some basis in fact. For those who haven’t heard it, here is a common version: Back in the 90s, Osco Drug ran an affinity analysis… (read more)

The pace of change hasn’t changed. Leaders have.

Change management is a hot topic in many leadership circles. Many of my clients have built it into their leadership competency models. There is a general concern that leaders aren’t equipped to handle change. There is also overwhelming evidence that this concern is valid. Many studies have shown that major change initiatives often fail. According to the Change Management… (read more)

AIM your team toward higher performance

“We need your help. Can you develop a workshop on customer service? “ The director was distraught. One of his departments continually received poor patient satisfaction results. I looked through the results. They were pretty bad. While there were some opportunities to improve on service, that wasn’t the real problem. The problem was extremely long wait times…. (read more)

What’s so special about you anyway?

It seems that no job is safe these days. Jobs that we used to think were outsourcing-proof are being done all over the world. Some of them are even being done by computers. Doomsday articles predict that huge number of jobs will be lost to AI and robots. So how do you stay relevant in a shrinking world? The answer… (read more)