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Workshop Description

This two to three hour discussion shifts leaders’ actions from focusing on the success of the change project to focusing on the success of the people being changed. Many leaders are surprised to learn that many of their actions, while intended to be people-focused, are really centered on the project or organization.

Workshop Outcomes

After completing this course, leaders will be more effective at:

  • Integrating the management of day-to-day operations and change initiatives
  • Understanding and managing threats
  • Developing approaches to overcome the six common pitfalls of leading change
    • Putting organizational success ahead of people’s success
    • Protecting the status quo (e.g., making it easier to not do something new)
    • Treating employee input as an obstacle to change/progress
    • Forcing people to make a greater investment/commitment to your goals than the organization is willing to make
    • Treating change or performance improvement as a linear process
    • Communicating what you want to say rather than what people want to know

Leaders come away from the discussion with specific follow up items and actions that address issues that might be preventing people from succeeding.

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