Speak first, apologize later – the new trend that’s killing civility

Last week, Washington State Senator Maureen Walsh found herself in hot water. During a debate on a medical bill, she made an off-handed comment about nurses. She said that they “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day.” After a fierce nationwide backlash, Walsh apologized. This isn’t unusual these days. In any given week, I see… (read more)

Five questions to STOP asking in 2019!

This is a repost from last year. Still a good reminder. ——————————————————————- Are you doing the right things? I’ve noticed a fundamental difference between high level leaders and the rest of us when determining what actions to take. They start with one question: will this solve the problem           ? If the answer is “yes”, they… (read more)

Make 2019 your year of meaningful connections

Do you talk with people anymore? It seems that although the internet and social media have supposedly shrunk the world, they’ve also shrunk our interactions. Everything has become transactional. When was the last time you called someone to schedule a meeting? It’s much faster to coordinate through an instant message or email, right? But here’s the… (read more)

Stop destroying and start building : A plea to recapture civility

Conversation has become war.  Just look at the headlines: Man destroys anti-abortion argument with a simple question Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Conservative Troll Massive research analysis destroys conservative argument against letting trans people transition Professor ‘Totally Destroys’ Student In This Email After He Asks For A Grade Bump Law Professor Absolutely Destroys Student Letter Protesting Her… (read more)

Be true to yourself!

According to LinkedIn, I am celebrating the 11th anniversary of starting Kolar Associates/Avail Advisors. I know this because I am suddenly getting “congratulations on your work anniversary” messages from people who never talk to me the rest of the year! However, it’s nice to be reminded as time has a way of sneaking up on… (read more)